Born in 2011, Babe Patrol originated as a punk rock band from New York City that paid homage to the riot grrrl movement with a full female ensemble. Following their self-titled debut EP that same year, the band has since become a melodically proficient group.

Babe Patrol’s founding member, Jewels(Vocals), is a songwriter who is able to conjure up the nostalgic glory of 90’s punk rock, all while staying fresh with the timeless value of performing unavoidably catchy tunes. Whether it’s providing commentary on social injustice, unveiling instances of political oppression, or opening up with honest personal catharsis, her lyrics prove to be just as impactful as the dynamic delivery she demands of each line. 

The band’s recent releases include their debut LP “Roughed Up” during the Fall 2016, followed by the EP “Sugar, Spice and Vodka on Ice” in the Summer 2017. During the span of these releases the band took on two new instrumentalists, Walter(Drums) and Mike(Guitar) who have since made their mark in advancing the sonic potential of the music. Soon afterward, and with the addition of Allison(Bass) and Erin(Vocals), the band continues to solidify itself as a musical force to be reckoned with. Live performances feature unrelenting spontaneity and raw punk rock energy, all while 3-part female vocal harmonies cascade over the fast tempo compositions.

Their latest EP, “Rich and Bored”, which has been released in June 2018, marks a rejuvenation in the band’s persistence to progress further musically, all while sticking to their no-nonsense punk rock roots.


Rich & Bored

by Babe Patrol

NEW EP June 2018


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